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Well what can I say my horizon is expanded. I rarely limit myself, with that being said I love a little bit of everything. I am in the united states Navy but aside from that I love to write. I love good music that I can feel, music that can take me to new worlds, a taste of "something different". Though I am young I have experienced pains that many of my elders can no where near relate to, which is why writing as well as the art of speech help me tell my story to thoes who are willing to lend an ear. A few of my inspirations are Jessica Holter, Love the poet, Zane, and Maya Angelou. I love cooking and creating new journeys for my taste buds to travel. I love art and self expression, design. As a writer I am for the voice of women and consider myself a feminist. Hopefully someday I will get a book that I have been writing published.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

If Only You Knew How I Felt About You

If only you knew how i felt i about you
for i recently just found out,
If only you knew that i dream about you
and what all of these tears are about.
It seems everyday somethings new about you
that expands my heart with ease,
No ocean can explain how much im into you
no river not even a sea.

Its something about you that moves me
so many possibilities,
No ending shall find us together we will be
in a heaven titled "You and Me".
You confuse me so much, how do you feel about me?
I know right now we cant be official,
but do you see what i see in this world full of dreams
because I see me with your last initial.

I know that your shy but whats that supposed to mean
because I can see right through all that,
Im not afraid to stand tall and speak to you first
I respect the strengths that we both lack.

But I want to be strong and together well be
when you hint to me how you feel,
If only you knew how I felt about you
Then my heart would have time to heal.

Now that you know how I feel about you
slowly guide me through feelings of yours,
are any of our wishes the same?
do from me you ever want more?

I want to be strong and together well be
as soon as you give me the rest,
Now that you know how I feel about you
im hoping the answer is yes.
-Ms.Poetic Magic

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  1. My first favorite! I can really relate to this poem! I didn't think you had this in you girl! You did your thang ma'am!