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Well what can I say my horizon is expanded. I rarely limit myself, with that being said I love a little bit of everything. I am in the united states Navy but aside from that I love to write. I love good music that I can feel, music that can take me to new worlds, a taste of "something different". Though I am young I have experienced pains that many of my elders can no where near relate to, which is why writing as well as the art of speech help me tell my story to thoes who are willing to lend an ear. A few of my inspirations are Jessica Holter, Love the poet, Zane, and Maya Angelou. I love cooking and creating new journeys for my taste buds to travel. I love art and self expression, design. As a writer I am for the voice of women and consider myself a feminist. Hopefully someday I will get a book that I have been writing published.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Reaching Out 10'

If you reach out for me i will reach out for you,
forever, unseparated, it will be just us two.
mutual balance of glory heads two hearts of the same,
travel days on a journey eternal us your last name.

future bound by a tie
forever "rise" you and i
framed with tons of suprise
free with love and with pride

If you reach out for me i will reach out for us,
forever guarding this life protecting us is a must.
if you reach out for me i will fill you with trust,
we might not conquer the world but we will conquer enough.
-Ms.Poetic Magic

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